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GPS Speedometers

Antennas with 10X per second update

New GPS Speedometers with 10 time per second update available!

Livorsi GPS Speedometers are more accurate than ever with the new GPS antenna with a 10X update. What does this mean? It means your GPS Speedometer will show your true speed faster because the antenna updates 10 time per second eliminating pointer lag.

GPS speedometers work with the NMEA 0183 antenna that receives satellite signals to determine speed over land. GPS speedometers are more accurate than a regular speedometer using a pitot tube, as there is no need to calibrate for wind current. Plus, this system can be interfaced with GPS plotters and fish finders.

  • Kit includes:
  • GPS speedometer
  • Antenna - NMEA 0183 compliant w/ 10X update
  • Memory recall switch and plate
  • Harness for power

50 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS50
4 5/8" cut out GPSL50

60 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS60
4 5/8" cut out GPSL60

80 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS80
4 5/8" cut out GPSL80

100 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS100
4 5/8" cut out GPSL100

120 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS120
4 5/8" cut out GPSL120

140 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS140
4 5/8" cut out GPSL140

160 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS160
4 5/8" cut out GPSL160

180 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS180
4 5/8" cut out GPSL180

200 MPH

3 3/8" cut out GPSS200
4 5/8" cut out GPSL200


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