Drive Showers

The drive showers on this page are all made of stainless steel. They are designed to lengthen the life of your drive by lowering oil and bearing temperatures.

bravo drive cooling shower
This model fits…
X1, X2, X3 XR/XZ
XZ1 XZ1 w/ Intergrated top
XR XR w/ Intergrated top
XR3 XR3 w/ Intergrated top
XR Sportmaster XR Sportmaster w/ Intergrated top

Bravo Drive Cooling Shower

  • Modern sleek fitted shower
  • Coupled with a high volume pickup
  • #10 stainless steel braided hose

Description Part #
Cap/ Hardware Fits Drive Serial #
ribbed-bolts OW250000 & up BDSX
OW240000 & up
OW906878 & up
ribbed-studs OW240000 & up BDSXR
OM906878 & up

 BDSU mounted

Ultimate Bravo Drive Shower

  • No more drilling holes in your drive!
  • Mounts to the drive’s tilt ram
  • 15 dump ports target only the sides & back of the drive
  • Multiport system distributes continuous cool water flow to top of the stern drive
  • Lowers oil & bearing temperatures by 60°
  • Fits all Bravo drives including ones with Imco or Latham steering that mounts on back of the drive
  • Part Number: BDSU

Hose for Latham

Drive Shower Hose for Latham

  • Stainless braided hose with 90° fitting
  • Screws into Latham top steering plate
  • Part Number: DSHL


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