Industrial Series

Tachs & Speedos

Industrial Series Color Options gas tachometer, platinum dial, Black Mega rim
Tachometers- Gas
  • For use with 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines
  • 10 pole/5 pulse and 12 pole/ 6 pulse
  • V10& Merc O/B
Description 3 3/8 " Requires
6,000 RPM DCS6000 DCH
8,000 RPM DCS8000
10,000 RPM DCS10000
12,000 RPM DCS12000

diesel tachometer
Tachometers- Diesel
Description 3 3/8" Requires
4,000 alternator driven DC4000DA DCH
4,000 mag probe driven DC4000MPD
4,000 mechanical signal
generator driven

GPS Speedometers

GPS speedos work with the NMEA0183 antenna that receives satellite signals to determine speed over land. GPS speedos are more accurate than a regular speedo using a pitot tube, as there is no need to calibrate for wind current. Plus, this system can be interfaced with GPS plotters and fish finders.

Purchase a complete kit or the gauge alone.

  • Kit includes:
  • GPS speedometer
  • antenna - NMEA0183 compliant
  • memory recall switch
  • harness

View GPS Speedometer scales

Description 3 3/8" Requires
50 MPH GPSS50 NMEA0183 compliant Antenna

For a GPS Kit
add the letter
after the MPH
100 MPH GPSS100
120 MPH GPSS120
140 MPH GPSS140
160 MPH GPSS160
180 MPH GPSS180

All GPS Speedometers require the use of a NMEA0183 compliant antenna/receiver.

dry speedo 80 MPH
Dry Speedometers

Purchase a complete kit or the gauge alone.

  • Kit includes:
  • dry speedometer
  • pitot tube
  • hose
  • mounts

View Dry Speedometer scales

Description 3 3/8"
60 MPH DCMS60 Add "K1"
after the MPH
100 MPH DCMS100

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