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Electric Gauges
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Oil Pressure 80 PSI Transmission Temperature Water Temperature 100-250 F

Electric Gauges
Description 2 1/16 " Requires
Clock - -
Boost 60 PSI DCSB60 DCH, GSB60
Fuel Level 0-90 ohms DCSFLG DCH, fuel level sender
Fuel Level 240-33 ohms DCSFL DCH, fuel level sender
Fuel Pressure 0-15 PSI DCSFP DCH, GSFP/WP
Fuel Pressure 0-90 PSI DCSFP90 DCH, GSFP60/90
Hourmeter HM* -
Oil Pressure 0-80 PSI DCSOP80 DCH, GSOP80
Oil Pressure 0-100 PSI N/A DCH, GSOP
Oil Temperature 140-340 °F DCSOT DCH, GSOT1/8
Transmission Temperature 140-340 °F DCSTT DCH, GSOT1/8
Trimmeter Merc & Yamaha 10-90 ohms DCSTMM DCH
Trimmeter OMC 88-1 ohms DCSTMO DCH
Voltmeter 8-18V DCSVM DCH
Voltmeter 18-32V DCSVM24 DCH
Water Level DCSWL DCH, water level sender
Water Temperature 100-250° F DCSWTA DCH, GSOT1/8
Water Temperature 100-280° F DCSWT DCH, GSWT1/8


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mechanical Water Pressure 0-60 PSI mechanical Water Pressure 0-35 PSI mechanical Vacuum-Boost

Description 2 1/16 " Requires
Boost 0-35 PSI DCSMB35 HK
Fuel Pressure 0-15 PSI DCSMFP -
Fuel Pressure 0-100 PSI DCSMFP100 -
Oil Pressure 0-100 PSI DCSMOP HK
Vacuum 30 in hg/ Boost 20 PSI DCSMVB HK
Water Pressure 0-35 PSI DCSMWP HK
Water Pressure 0-60 PSI DCSMWP60 HK
Hose Kits : HK - 25 ft of hose or HKA- 10 ft of hose

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