Vantage View


Imagine a console that can provide you with a complete View® of your boat or vehicle’s performance. Livorsi’s Vantage View® does just that.

Vantage View® instruments display real-time performance data and compiles the information into one gauge- the master tach. This tachometer features an analog RPM readout with a built-in LCD screen that displays all the information your engine’s ECM provides.

Vantage View® is compatible with SmartCraft®, NMEA 2000®, J1939 or GM MEFI engine.

Installation is made simple with the use of plug-in Deutsch connectors. The master tach and its master harness wires directly to the boat or vehicle’s ECM; eliminating the use of a translation box or oversized harnesses.

Your choice of control pod, bezel pod or switch assembly allows the navigation and set up of the master tach OEMs and do-it-yourselfers have the freedom to install the pod or switches in a place convenient for the operator.

While these instruments are digital, they were designed with the traditional styling of analog gauges. Digital stepper motors accurately display data in real time. Fluorescent pointers and large bold graphics make these instruments easy to ready at a glance.

Livorsi Vantage View® gauges give you a complete understanding of your boats performance, stress free installation and the freedom to custom build your own look with several color options.

  • Marine or automotive applications
  • Digital stepper motors
  • Large highly visible graphics
  • Non-fading fluorescent pointers
  • Red LED backlighting
  • User programmable alarms
  • Mix & match sizes
  • Installation made easy with plug-in harnesses

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