Valuable Features

Faults and Warnings

Vantage View® alerts you of Faults and Warnings helping you prevent costly damage to your vehicle or boat. Faults are a severe problem reported by the ECM that warrants stopping the engine. Warnings alert you of potential problems as reported by the ECM.

Programmable Alarms

In addition to factory set fault and warnings, users can program up to 15 alarms to their individual needs. A bright LED warning light illuminates on the corresponding slave gauge when boat or vehicle is operating outside the appointed limits.

Fault and Warning Gauge

The FWA gauge (fault-warning-alarm) allows Vantage View® to receive Faults and Warnings from Cummins Diesel engines, when a Diesel View display is not present.

The FWA gauge provides an a MIL, PIL alarm and an audible alarm output with a mute option. (FWA gauge will work on all engine protocols except for Mercury Gas Smartcraft® engines)

Pop Up Alerts

Enabling or pop up alerts for faults, warnings or alarms provides a highly visible alert screen when a fault, warning or alarm occurs.

Pop ups may be enabled for engine trim/tabs brings up a trim detail screen when a change in trim position occurs. Vantage View® even displays engine diagnostic codes for J1939.

Sender Inputs

With Vantage View®, users may connect up to three analog senders such as fuel level, engine trim or water pressure. The analog signal is converted to a digital signal for the master tach to process.


LCD displays up to 10,000 RPM, includes maximum RPM recall


Vantage View® reads both CAN and GPS based speed inputs. If more than one speed source exists, all speed data can be viewed on the master tach LCD. Includes Max speed recall.

Fuel Tank and Engine Trim Calibration

The Vantage View® system is the ability to calibrate fuel tank and engine trim, ensuring the up most accuracy, monitors up to two fuel tanks.

Fuel Management

Gallons Per Hour (GPH)

Customize Screen Appearance
  • Vantage View® lets you program your favorite parameters and their display order, allowing you to view the information most important to you
  • Choose between bar graph (shows more detail) or three line format for quick review

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