LED Position Indicators

Harnesses and Sensors

Below is a simplified wiring diagram that shows what type of harnesses are required to connect to the Drive, Tab or Tank.

These documents are designed to help you build your part number and to choose the correct harnesses for your application.


Mechanical to Electric Converter, 0-5 Volts
Part Number: CBME5V

Converts the mechanical signal to electric signal. Bolts on the inside of the transom with a short cable to the unit. Cable sold separately.

Electric to Mechanical Converter
33C Series Cables
Length Part Number
3 feet CA3
4 feet CA4
5 feet CA5
6 feet CA6
Mercury Drive Pot Sensor 0-5 Volts
Part Number:863187A1

Order directly from Mercury Marine, 1.920.921.5330

Merucry Drive Sensor
Fuel or Water Level Resistive Type Sensors, 240/30 ohms

Fuel or Water Level Sender: SFW + length

Fuel and Water Level Sensor

Fuel Level, 3 Terminal Sensor: GSFLC + length + ATL

Water Level, 3 Terminal Sensor: GSWLC + length + ATL

3 Terminal Sensor
Mounted pot on Mercury Trim Tab 0-5 Volts
  • Tabs 2010 or newer should contain the 5 volt sensor
  • Trim Tabs from the year 2006-2010, model numbers 280S and 380S should have a bracket to add the sensor
Mercury Trim Tab and Sensor
Retrofitted Tabs, Mercury Tab Sensor pot 0-5 Volts
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